Asher Trockman

Asher Trockman Asher Trockman at JPL

I'm a second-year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Zico Kolter. My research interests are in deep learning, optimization, and program synthesis.

Previously, I have investigated natural experiments on open-source software in the Socio-Technical Research Using Data Excavation Lab at CMU, and have researched deep learning for detecting surface features in orbital imagery of Mars in the Machine Learning & Instrument Autonomy Group at NASA JPL.

My agenda includes such varied goals as improving decision-making in open source, advancing machine learning foundations and methodology (e.g., improving robustness and data efficiency), learning more about the universe through novel applications thereof, and pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Machine Learning & Instrument Autonomy Group
Mentors: Dr. Lukas Mandrake and Dr. Kiri Wagstaff
Research Assistant (Caltech SURF)
Summer 2018
Carnegie Mellon University
Institute for Software Research
Mentors: Prof. Bogdan Vasilescu and Prof. Christian Kästner
Research Assistant (REUSE)
Summer 2017


Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
2019 –
University of Evansville
B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics
2016 – 2019